He remembered how in Central Park a street artist once drew her portrait, turning a modest biology major from NYU into the elegant Queen of Sheba. After she graduated from NYU, she got a nice job offer in Chicago and decided to move there right away, regardless of David`s opinion. David got offended then, believing Lorna valued her future career more than their relationship, and that was the end of the love story.

“I have to go, my lunch is over,” said Lorna, looking at her little watch.

“When can we get together?”

“Hmm…I have a meeting tonight at eight with a man from Spain. He’s a major from the Peace Corps. A very handsome man, true, but unbelievably stupid. Why I need him, I don’t know myself.”

“When and where should I wait for you?” David interrupted. He didn’t want to hear about the Spanish major from the Peace Corps. “How about this Friday, after work?”


Chapter 3


The Stars of Harlem


I’ve been released.

A warm, quiet June night. An old man walks along the empty sidewalk, mumbles something under his breath, laughs. He appears completely peaceful.

“What time is it?” I ask him.

The man takes a few deep puffs.

“Half past 12 and three minutes.”

“Do you have a smoke?”