«A Walk Down Misery Street»

In his eye-opening new book, A Walk Down Misery Street, author serves as a compassionate witness to the diverse lives that intersect in a busy outpatient drug treatment clinic and ED of one of New York City’s hospitals. Although the accounts are fictionalized, author draws on his real-world experience as a certified substance abuse clinician to provide a unique and accessible perspective on the lives of drug users.

The book is notable for taking a holistic perspective on the phenomenon of drug addiction, addressing a broad range of issues from the philosophical questions regarding why people use drugs, to the spiritual challenges that loved ones face, and more. The author easily communicates these underlying themes through a series of humorous anecdotes and serious situations, making both the patients and fellow staff members he encountered in his work come alive to a wide audience.

This book will be interesting to any readers who have been touched by addiction or anyone who is interested in reading a sensitive and original take on the issue.

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