Walk Down Misery Street


In any addiction clinic, one can boldly assert that the fairer sex is much less represented than men. What’s the cause of this?

I think it is because a woman by her nature has a greater sense of duty and responsibility to herself and her family than a man does; this helps her steer clear of dangerous adventures.

There is a popular opinion that women are more successful than men in the fight against drug addiction. This is probably true. For all their perceived love for drama and emotionality, women are actually more realistic than men. Thus, they often manage to create a solid inner foundation. When the time comes, earnestness and determination shine through. I have my former female patients who have stayed clean for years, gotten married, became employed, and raised children.

At the same time, a woman’s drug addiction is worse than a man’s because the female body is more fragile when it comes to drugs and alcohol; it gets damaged more severely and quicker than the male body. Moreover, the emotional consequences are catastrophic for a woman. A man most often obtains money for drugs by stealing or robbing. A woman’s most accessible and common route is the flesh trade.

And don’t forget that a lot of money is required—a lot! Crack and heroin are really expensive, and there is no holiday discount. Some drug users spend a hundred dollars on drugs—A DAY! Some spend two hundred. One can meet some champions who spend up to three hundred daily! And someone who smokes crack can spend a thousand per day.

Yes, drug users are very creative storytellers; many of them like hyperbole and adding color to their heroism to impress others. And they like to impress themselves as well.  Nonetheless, one to two hundred dollars a day for drugs is no exaggeration. Where do they get this kind of money? Holding a job and using drugs daily don’t go together. Work interferes. Just try to count how many times a day a woman must sell her body to get high.

I’m not familiar with the exact rates for prostitutes in New York City. Moreover, the business is very diversified: from prestigious escort services costing thousands of dollars, to street prostitution in the poorest areas of New York, where one fuck costs twenty dollars, I’ve been told.