Walk Down Misery Street

Any type of prostitution is almost always connected with drug use. First, it is less revolting and more tolerable to engage in an act of prostitution when one is high. Second, clients often want the call girl to drink with them elegantly and sometimes snort, too.

The girls in our clinic were very ashamed of being prostitutes and preferred not to talk about it in front of anyone. However, among themselves, they would argue about which type of prostitution—an escort service, stripping, or street hooking—was less shameful and more profitable.


Walking on the Edge


Many of the women who came through my door, regardless of race, nationality, or country of origin, were sexually abused, harassed, or molested in their past—in childhood or adolescence.

Has this psychological trauma had an effect on their later fate, and on the fact that they’ve taken up the syringe? Without a doubt. Such trauma is not quickly and easily treated. It isn’t just a scratch on the arm.

Frida was a nice girl of twenty from a family of Orthodox Jews. She finished Jewish religious school and went to college, but she soon quit her studies and wound up in our clinic.

Her drug addiction wasn’t that bad yet, but Frida definitely “had a problem.” From time to time, she used cocaine and sold pills. She and her parents clashed, but even worse, she was constantly sparking up affairs with men. Patients fell in love with her. She slept with few of them. She got tattoos on her neck, shoulders, and forearms, as she said, exactly the same tattoos Amy Winehouse had. Amy Winehouse was her idol.

It seemed she was looking the ways to hurt herself, and tried to prove to others and herself that she could be lovable and attractive.