Martha, my Destiny or the Salt of the Dead Sea

“Will she leave now, and our acquaintance will end there? No, I can’t miss a chance!”Moreover, Robert’s intuition suggested that he and Martha were soul mates.

Standing up from his chair, he leaned over her and said insinuatingly,” Martha, I am the trustworthy person you are looking for.”


Returning late, with a beaming face, Robert entered his office. “She agreed, agreed to a date!”

All the women he had previously had relationships with were mousy, plain, nothing special. Could they even compare to Martha?

He took out the papers Martha gave him from the briefcase. But prior to dealing with them, his gaze lingered on the plain drawing depicting James, on the edge of the grave, and Martha, as the newly created Eve.

This family portrait, however, was lacking something important. Yeah, he knew what it was! With confident strokes he added horns to James. He also drew himself on Martha’s right, in all his naked glory, as a newly created Adam, but with a briefcase in his hand.

Now the picture had gained balance; the skew to one side, due to James, was eliminated because of Robert.

Now, then, cautiously—swoosh, swoosh—Martha in the middle, between the cuckold James and the excited Robert… The whole group started slowly moving in the direction of the hotel Grotto Amour.