Martha, my Destiny or the Salt of the Dead Sea

“Yes. Do you want to tell me something? Like that you going to call the cops? It’s your right. I don’t care anymore,” she said, finishing with the hose. She came up to the mirror, without as much as a glance in his direction.

Longingly, he observed her twitching buttocks in lace panties, her playful shoulder blades, her hair rising under the comb. “How can I lose such a woman? And with her so much money!”

“Are you going to take a bath?” she asked ironically, seeing Robert’s reflection in the mirror, pressing the jar of “Ahava” to his chest. Suddenly she turned around and, flashing her eyes, approached him. “Now I will tell you the truth. Yes, I agreed to become your lover, but only because I counted on you. You appeared to be a decent person that I can depend on. And you…” she said, grabbing him by the throat, “now you’re going to blackmail me. Bastard!”

“I know… I know a way,” he rasped.


 Chapter 5


They got down to business as business partners.

Robert spent his free time at the public library, where he studied everything related to the Dead Sea salt.

For centuries, the salt of the Dead Sea has attracted the attention of many. In the Middle Ages alchemists used it in the manufacture of the philosopher’s stone, and the Capuchin friars sprinkled it inside their cells to banish evil spirits. Robert picked up quite a few interesting bits from history, ancient and modern, even watching a popular science movie on YouTube about how Israeli factories boil water until crystallization and how various industries and medicines then use these minerals.