Short Stories

«Francis of Assisi»

“I see a cat emerging from the bushes! A wild striped cat runs towards the tramp jumping across the fallen branches and puddles. The cat gets on his hind paws and presses against the tramp’s legs with his front paws. Then he dances on his hind paws. The tramp grabs the cat by the neck, picks him up and … kisses its mug. How terrifying!”

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«Murder on Emmons Avenue»

This is the story of the madness that gripped a writer who transformed into his main character, completely losing the sense of reality. “He lowered gangly the visor of his nonexistent cap, turned up the collar of his jacket and, grinning broadly, took the familiar road: past the grocery shops, Saint Mark’s Cathedral, and the bank. His fingers felt in his pocket for the knife handle.”

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«Antonio’s Feats»

“Jessy…  she was a singer of indescribable beauty. But as they say of these club stars, ‘her clothes are plenty, but her belly is empty.’ Although she was grazing shiny posters and in the spotlight on stage—all sparkly and glowing—she had nothing in her soul, not a dime, just debts. She was always irritable, harried, seeing herself as the next Janis Joplin or Nina Simone. She liked to be called Jazzy.”

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