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I am a Ukrainian American. In Ukraine, I received a diploma in journalism from the University of Kiev, and afterward worked for Ukrainian mass media. I’ve always been interested in how people behave in critical situations, and what motivates their actions. This interest has been reflected in my articles. 

After coming to America, I graduated from Fordham University with a master’s degree in clinical social work, and I’ve enjoyed a rewarding career in psychotherapy for more than fifteen years. During this time, I’ve also maintained a passionate interest in creating literature.

In my writing, I use real events that I’ve seen and participated in as backgrounds to create my artistic images and plot twists. The main focus of my writing is the thorough exploration of different characters, as they persevere through various crises. My literary aesthetic ideal is a synthesis of realistic and romantic genres.

From the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic through its decline, I’ve worked in the hospital in New York City. I transformed this experience into the novel Scream of the Falcon.

Red Penguin Books published my first novel, A Walk Down Misery Street, in May 2022, and it has received critical acclaim. 

At the present time, I am employed as a psychotherapist in the Emergency Room at a hospital in New York City, and I am a professor at the Fordham University. 

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