Long Short Stories

«About My Mom»

“In the café of Barnes and Noble I often spoke about my mother to Bashevis Singer. He confessed to me that the prototype of the heroine in his famous novel Shosha (for which he won a Nobel Prize) was my mother. He said that such limited, “dumb” women are the most valuable possessions of the Jewish people.
“The Jews will exist while such women are born and live among us. Such intellectually limited Jewish women are wiser than all the wisdom of the Torah and all the great German philosophy. God first created Yiddishe Momme—this effort took six difficult days. Creating everything else turned out to be trifles; God only needed a few moments for it.”

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«Fisherman, Sicarius, Apostle»

The long short story is in the style of a biblical parable about St. Peter the Apostle. The work perfectly conveys the zeitgeist, raising deep spiritual questions. At the same time, the story contains a gripping detective narrative!

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«Martha, my Destiny or the Salt of the Dead Sea»

A cheery woman met a man and made him her lover, in the secret intention that he will help get rid of her loathsome husband. But her lover turned out to be no less of a con artist than she was. Instead of handling the elimination of the husband, they started to deceive each other. The work is in the style of a tragicomic soap opera.

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