A long short story


Chapter 1


After a few days they left Jericho and entered the land of Judah.

They stopped to spend the night in one caravan inn. Everyone went to sleep except for the Teacher, who went out into the yard after having wished good night to everyone.  Waiting until everything quieted down and he could hear light snoring, Simon carefully got up from the carpet on the floor and slipped outside.

He saw The Teacher by the stable where horses and mules slept snoring in the stalls. Trying to go unnoticed, Simon exited beyond the gates and snuck along the fence.  At the corner a man waited for him holding two horses by the bridle.

“Finally. I was already thinking that you changed your mind and wouldn’t come,” a man said, handing Simon the reigns. Then he jumped into the saddle and, lashing the horse with a whip, galloped down the dark road.

Simon followed him. Soon both riders, having circled around a high hill, directed their horses across the field to the mountain range.


“We don’t have another choice.” Dan threw the little stone into the dying fire. He rose and shook off the hem of his burnoose.

Ash already covered the fire embers except for the end of one ember which had not yet burnt out; thin tongues licked the faltering flame. Sparks shot off from the black cracks at times, brightening Simon’s face as he sat by the fire.