“Give this to Rufus; he will also organize a squad of Sicarii.  This will come in very handy now.  Give the money to the main Cohen in the temple. Do you understand everything?”

“Yes, Eleazar,” they answered.

A short pause arose. Everyone looked at Eleazar awaiting new orders from him. He stood, slightly rocking to and fro as if thinking about something. Suddenly he turned to Simon, placed his hand on his shoulder, and squeezed hard.

“Well, hello fisherman. So you came to us and prepared to go with us?”

“Yes,” Simon replied quietly.

“Good, we will test you in action. Tomorrow night during the third guard we will wait for you at the gates of Zion.”


 The following night during the third guard, near the gates of Zion, two Roman soldiers were killed.

But Simon was not among the attackers. He did not come.


Chapter 4


A crowd followed the guards. In the twilight of the Gethsemane Garden, flashing torches illuminated glimpses of Roman soldiers’ silhouettes with their raised spears and swords. Shouts sounded from the guard up front as he demanded to clear the road and make way.

Slaves of the high priest scurried behind the soldiers. One of the slaves pressed a bloodied rag to his head. During Jesus’ arrest Simon had cut his ear off with a dagger.

People ran over from the nearest yards and dogs barked.