After talking with his parents about ships, Nick grabbed a giant inflatable shark and ran into the water.


A shark needs to be thrown into the water belly down, and then you have to climb on top of its soft, supple back and grab hold of the fin. You have to wrap your legs close to the tail, pressing your knees into its sides. It’s very important to keep your mouth closed, too, because bitter salty water will get in. But your mouth opens by itself anyway, and there’s nothing you can do about it. The most important technical aspect of swimming on a shark is not to fall under a wave. You just need to go straight ahead, toward those far away giant ships.

The shark, which was so compliant on the shore, becomes uncontrollable in the water. In the beginning, it seems submissive under the pressure of Nick’s knees, but then gradually it starts to jerk violently, striving to break free. The fin slips from his hands now and then. Nick must expend incredible effort to maintain control over this big restless shark.

He swims on shark-back for some time and then loses control and slips off the shark after all. The dark wall of a wave hangs over Nick, the world turns over, the sun falls from the sky, and… Daddy’s hand grabs the agitated shark by the nose; dad’s other hand reaches under his son’s arm, providing support for Nick, who is falling into the abyss.

Dad puts Nick back on the shark. Nick, trembling from excitement or pleasure, but in no way from fear, is ready for new adventures. But he shouts, “Ahhh!” because, to tell the truth, he is very frightened and they have already gone so far from shore! The water is already above dad’s belly button! And if dad now would suddenly leave him? Shouting continuously, Nick clasps his dad’s neck with one hand. Whatever you say, a shark is still less reliable than your father. And like a trembling frog, Nick jumps on his dad’s chest.

“Well, then hold onto me tightly!” Transferring his son to his back, Nick’s dad enters deeper into the water and floats.

Dad is definitely not a shark; it’s easier with him, even though he doesn’t have fins. Dad is calm, doesn’t spin, and floats evenly. He isn’t slippery. He is solid and it’s convenient to hold him by the hair or the neck.