She watched in dog-like fashion, her face drawing faithfully forward to catch her owner’s intention with his slightest movement, the tiniest gesture of his eyebrow. “Heel! Sit! Get ‘em!” And Carmen took it. In the absence of any specialized training, she reached the heights afforded by her innate talent as an actress, her excitement, and her beauty.

She made a quick study of Roy, aiming the lens of her woman’s intuition and experience at him. She knew already the meaning of his half-closed eyes or pursed lips either before or after shooting. When Roy was very nervous and dissatisfied with his work, Carmen would come up to him and playfully put her hand over his mouth, telling him to shut up for a bit and calm down. This gesture awoke a wave of tenderness and powerful desire in him.

Very soon Roy was so overcome and taken with her that he had already conceded in his mind to fuck Carmen. She would, of course, give herself to him quite easily, he thought, especially since she had been so very uninhibited and approachable with him. Yes, marital fidelity would be destroyed. But he would never enter into a serious relationship with her. It wouldn’t affect his family life.


He hugged her, placing his hands around her waist, trying to pull her to him, to press the swollen cock in his pants against her thighs under her skirt or, depending on the scene, her panties. But each time Carmen somehow slipped from his grasp like a snake, leaving him with the discarded scales of unsatisfied desire. And both the flirting and the filming continued, intertwined, and entangled, increasingly captivating and dragging them both into the unknown.

At first he took her to Sea Gate, to the deserted evening beach. Here is Carmen in shallow water, in a bikini, splashing around like a mermaid—the usual commercial shown on the TV screen for viewers to subscribe to a porn channel. Here she is on the lifeguard chair in an orange vest, topless, with a whistle and a cap—well, that’s what’s on the cover of Maxim or Sports Illustrated.

Here’s something more interesting: the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, the blooming of roses and orchids. Carmen in a light sundress. Crimson and black roses hang from the decorative arches of the entrance, like a castle in a fairy tale. Water sprays all around from the fountains, and Carmen, a flower fairy, flies through the rows of roses.