Watch out! On the screen animals appear—wild cats, grizzly bears, and the tigers of the Bronx zoo! Carmen teases the monkeys in their open nursery. Raising her arms in the air, she growls at the tiger that emerges from the thick bushes. He makes it to the barrier glass in one bound.

Here both Carmen and Roy sit down in a car of the park’s cable railway. Carmen walks forward and gets in. After giving the tickets to the ticket-taker, who is exhausted from the heat, Roy, too, enters the car, and closes the door.
Swaying gently, the cabin floats above the earth. It rises higher and higher over the treetops. Below, the wide roads shrink, becoming thin streaks in the surging sea of green.

“Look! Look!”

A tiger is hiding in the bushes, and over there is a lake with a flock of ducks. Roy holds the camera, trying not to lose the shot and to keep Carmen in the viewfinder, which isn’t easy. The cabin swings from the buffeting wind and Carmen`s stomping. She’s overcome by childlike delight! Things haven’t been this good for her in so long, not even from cocaine.

“Look! Look! Wow!” she points somewhere and opens the door to the car.

Roy is somewhat puzzled—they might get fined. In the car ahead of them is a woman with children; she stares at this disgraceful behavior. Roy points his camera at her to make her turn away.

“Look, you blockhead! My God, it is fucking crazy.” Carmen pokes her head out of the car. “Hoo-hoo-hoo!” She flutters her palm over her mouth and yells like a savage.

Roy points the lens downwards, where the orangutans are running around in the tall, thick grass. Their dark hairy backs shimmer. Roy shoots a panorama and then captures the details: grass, hands, shaggy heads.

“Hoo-hoo-hoo!” Carmen won’t stop. She stands facing away from him, her back arched. The corner of a pack of cigarettes peeks out from the pocket of her khaki shorts.