Seeing Roy before her, she shuddered from surprise, but for some reason, at the same time, she also smiled and her eyes shone happily. Her face was tastefully made-up and her hair was neatly coiffed. In short, she gave off the impression of a respectable lady, who is waiting for her millionaire husband who was delayed in the hotel room.

Roy stood in front of her, clutching a walkie-talkie in his hand, not knowing what to say. “Did she come here to the hotel, to service some john? How can that be? Maybe an hour ago a fight erupted at the bar because of her? Didn’t she convince me that she was out of the sex business? So, she had lied; all this time she was lying to me.”

“How did you get here?” He asked coolly.

“How did I get here? Like all whores, I gave the doorman twenty bucks,” She replied innocently while rising from the armchair.

Then she looked at him more closely, as if trying to guess the course of his thoughts and the reason why he now had such a sullen, angry face.

“Amigo, throw everything you are thinking about me now out of your head. I simply conducted an experiment; I wanted to be sure that you can really spot me in any corner of this huge hotel.” She grimaced and shrugged guiltily.

Then she approached him and suddenly wrapped her hands around his neck and kissed him so passionately like she had never kissed any man before.

Roy returned to the Security Operations Center easy and carefree, as if after a refreshing stroll. His face was beaming.

“Can you imagine, I come out of the men’s room just now and there on the floor is someone`s wallet. I brought it to the check-in desk,” Roy lied.

“Good job,” said Walter.

Walter was already sleepy. He bent his head of thick, combed-back black hair forward so his chin rested on his chest. Walter, always the professional, could sleep anywhere, and no noise, not even the firing of a cannonball, could awaken him. He never snored; the air passed quietly and evenly through the nostrils of his wide flat nose, entered his mighty lungs, and returned in clear streams.