“By the way, have you ever done car advertisements? Just recently a couple of Lincoln limos were brought into the lobby of the hotel where I work. Several long-legged girls stand by the car to do a commercial. Though the girls know nothing about the technical features of the cars, we call them Lincoln girls. Would you like me to ask management if they’re looking for someone and if there’s a job available for you?”

“Lincoln commercials at a hotel are definitely better than earning pennies cleaning houses. But, alas, you forgot that I’m illegal. Without papers there’s no hope for me to get a good job in the States.” Carmen held her hands out in front of her and moved them in semicircles, as if she was driving a car. “I’m a Lincoln girl…oh oh oh,” she said and burst out laughing.

Roy cast a sideways glance at her. There he saw an excellent shot: a deserted shore, cliffs with only a few shrubs growing here and there. “Narcotrafficker! And the guileful half-closed glance of Carmen’s fiery eyes! She is wearing a long skirt and long-sleeved black shirt. Enough of filming her half-naked. I will turn her into Carmen from the novel and the opera.

“To be honest, you’re not quite the right candidate for roles that are subtler. Don’t be offended, but you’re too sensual and adventurous. Just like your beloved Salma Hayek. This isn’t the type of woman I’m attracted to at all. I prefer type of actresses, let`s say, like Julia Roberts. Do you remember how Julia Roberts played a prostitute in “Pretty Woman”? Millions of moviegoers cried. My security partner Walter, a former cop who worked in the homicide unit, once confessed to me that he cried only twice in his life: at his mother’s funeral, and when he watched this film. That’s the power of art as I see it!”

“That film is total crap. Because prostitutes never sleep with men they’re in love with. Love is too much of an ordeal for them.”

“Hmm. That’s interesting,” he paused, trying to discern the meaning of what he just heard. “You know, I came up with another role for you, which fits perfectly for you.”

“What is it?”

“Do you know the story of Carmen from the novel?”

“Of course.”