“Hmm, am I really like this?” Jenn approached the window, holding the paper in such a way as to allow for better lighting.

The drawing depicted a young woman wearing a tutu, in a “Jewish” hat with a visor, sitting on a mat. She was bending down and stroking her foot. The resemblance of the young dancer and Doctor Jennifer Levy would be easy to guess. The bulky cork wedge shoes instead of ballet slippers gave a certain caricature-nature to the sketch.

“Yes, Doctor, it is you alright in the image of Odette from Swan Lake.

“Adam, this means you decided to make me your model? Did I figure out your intention correctly?”

“Well not exactly. I just wanted to try a few sketches in the manner of Degas.”

“No, no, and no.”

Yes, Doctor, yes.

I liked to draw in adolescence, even frequenting an art studio. However my painter`s abilities turned out to be weak; I could work with neither colors nor composition. The only thing that always turned out well for me, what was my strong suit, was drawing the human body in sketches with a plain black pencil.

“Adam, is this alluding to my past?” Jenn asked, looking over a new sketch, where a young woman in a tutu was running out of a synagogue.

Her table drawer already contained a special folder for my drawings.

“I don’t know, this is a by-product of my sub-conscious. I cannot explain it rationally.”

At times Jenn demanded that I stop with these drawings. She burdened me with difficult assignments, such as asking that I prepare a detailed written presentation of the patient`s case, or to read some long, tedious article in a professional journal. I rushed from the hospital to the university and from there to the library, sitting there till closing time. On top of this, I worked part-time in an advertising agency. I ate on the go, whatever I had on hand, and slept on the subway. When I drove the car, I feared falling asleep at the wheel.