And she said “schizoid, schizoid”! The guy did not know or understand his whole life what he was born for, or maybe he secretly dreamed of a career as a pop star, but never sharing his fantasies with anyone. Instead of the stage, piano, and spotlights directed at him, all he saw was his drunk, promiscuous mother, rats inside the shelters, and degradations in foster care.

Hey, all shrinks! When a new patient enters your office, and you find out that he is an artist, painter, or musician, I ask you to please shut your thick psychotherapy books! Step away from this person as far as possible, even if your office space is small! Give the artist as much free space as possible and let him feel himself on stage, behind the piano, or at a canvas! Become his grateful spectator, a fan, and you will rescue him faster than any medicine, injections, or all of your God damn boring psychotherapy sessions!



“I want to ask why you wear a cross now? I don’t recall you wearing it before. Is this a new style? Your new artistic image?” I asked Francis once and nodded towards his big silver cross dangling from his chain over his black t-shirt.

But Francis acted as if he didn’t hear me. He stared straight ahead, gloomily pinching his beard, which had grown longer and thicker than before.

“Hel-lo, dude, are you with me? Or did you fly away again somewhere to the Moon?”

He finally came out of his reverie and looked at me. This did not last long and he once again focused on the far end of the ceiling.

“To be honest, Francis, I don’t understand anything. Your life is going great, even fantastic. You have a roof over your head. Your criminal record will soon be expunged. James is paying you a small salary. You are playing the piano and writing music. Yes, you don’t yet have a band, but not everything all at once. Why do you look so unhappy? Why are you silent all the time? James also says you’ve changed lately; you snap back and don’t do what he asks. You started smoking weed again.” I sniffed loudly, letting him know that his clothes have a strong smell of marijuana. “What is with you?”