Where did I get so much strength from?! Hunger. Hunger and libido are the two main sources of inexhaustible human energy!

“In my opinion, Adam, art interests you more than psychotherapy. Maybe you need to seriously consider whether you chose the right career path.”

“Okay, Doctor, I will think about it,” I muttered, handing Jenn a new sketch, which depicted her sitting on a couch, a light white robe carelessly covering her.

Although her voice sounded strict, she readily accepted these drawings, and I think impatiently waited for new ones. She was dressing with even more taste and finesse than before, and her clothes already definitely went beyond the limits of professional style. She constantly changed her manicure and pedicure, and utilized more and more mascara and lipstick. Her never-ending outfits, stiletto pumps, coral beaded necklaces, gold chains running down below the neckline, shiny specks on the eyelids, a firework-display of hats…

In short, she was all sparkly and shiny. During our supervisions she now often got up and walked around the office, watering flowers in pots or searching for some book on the shelves; while doing so, she very gracefully bent over as if posing.

What I have not seen on her ever again were those cork wedge platforms. Instead, a few times she wore high black sock boots with a wide fit at the knees.

Ah, what the devil possessed me?!It was the fault of those boots of hers.

“Adam, I acknowledge your talent.” This time Jenn’s voice sounded really firm. “However as a direct supervisor of your internship I demand that this art activity come to an end. It has gone too far! And if it’s excusable on your end, since you’re—forgive me—a bit of a bonehead, then for me there’s no way. You are finishing the university and paying a lot of money for your studies—probably one hundred thousand, right? So, you see. As your supervisor I have to do everything to make sure that you gain the maximum professional knowledge from this internship. Instead, you have taken a frivolous interest in art, and I am, sorry to say it, unwittingly fucking enabling you.”

Her eyes shone angrily and her cheeks flushed. She returned yet another of my sketches where she was portrayed almost “nu,” wearing sock boots and a very short skirt, standing with her back half-turned, with large spread out wings—The Black Swan.