Jenn shook her head.

“Adam, it will be hard for you to work with the mentally ill. You dig too deep. That is dangerous not only for the mentally ill but for the mentally healthy.”

She got up, letting me know that the supervision was over. She looked at her gold wrist watch.

“That’s it. I hope we went into enough detail discussing this case for you to present it to the clinical conference.”

However, I stayed put.

I was choked with jealousy: she is going to leave now in her fabulous dress, high heeled shoes, all sparkly—to him, to this damn geezer Baron. And I did not know what to do so this would not happen.

Surprised, Jenn was looking at me, trying to understand the reason for my “passive resistance.” She guessed finally. She came to the door and closed the lock.

She came back and squatted down in front of me.

“Darling Adam, I did not want to start this discussion for a long time, but it seems I have to. I know that you are not indifferent to me. But you should be. Don’t sit in the car by the synagogue on Saturdays waiting for me. Don’t follow me when I go home from work and don’t draw me, agreed?”

I wrinkled my forehead. Now from this spot and this angle I could clearly see the smooth lines of her hips in the tight dress. Amazing lines! I don’t know what force I was obeying, but I suddenly took Jenn’s arms and pulled her to me!

She succumbed for an instant, maybe because of the unexpectedness. I even had time to feel how a strand of her velvety hair slid down my cheek.

This lasted for a moment. Freeing herself, Jenn stepped back to the door. Her cheeks were burning with crimson spots. She threw scorching lightning at me.

“Are you in your fucking right mind?” she said quietly. “This is ridiculous. This is worse than harassment. It`s very unprofessional. You`re breaking all the rules. Tomorrow I will talk to the director. Without giving him details, I will ask that you get another supervisor instead of me. It’s enough.”