…“Why do you stalk me? I don’t know you. I don’t understand you. You’re insane! No, you’re a vulture, for a whole year already circling over my soul. But I want to live like before; I don’t want to perish in your claws. Do you understand? I don’t want to! Don’t want to…”

She was touching my hair, caressing my cheeks…

Her dress was thrown on the floor, as were my jeans and my shirt. And all her clothes were no longer needed! The swan was disenchanted. Her breasts were white and warm, and her belly was white and warm, and so too her shoulders. I don’t know anyone more womanly than Jenn on the whole Earth, and don’t want to know!…

The moonlight streamed into the room from the window.

“Caress, caress, kiss me. Here, here, and here, wherever you want.”

Afterwards Jenn sat reclining backwards with a pillow under her back. I didn’t turn on the light but my eyes were used to the darkness. I saw her profile, her shoulders stained by her black hair.

“Why do I need this, do you know?” she asked.

I stayed quiet. I awaited that remorse will follow. All as expected: the committed sin followed by remorse is a necessary part of how a woman is programmed when she enters into a, let’s say “questionable,” intimacy with a man.

She pulled the throw blanket higher to herself as if wishing to hide under it.

“By the way, I have two children. I will be a grandmother soon. And look what fucking happened now. I’m not even saying that I’m your supervisor.”

“Do you want tea? Coffee?”

“No thank you. It’s Friday today, the Sabbath. Queen Saturday…” After a pause, she suddenly sang something in Yiddish. “You know, every Sabbath we sang this song with my family. Sarah and I lit the candles and, after setting the table, waited for my father to return from the synagogue. He came home, read a prayer, and poured wine into a chalice. Then we ate challah; I always picked the raisins out, and my mother said that I had a sweet tooth and was too ‘picky,’ since you have to take what is being offered.” Chuckling, she sang the same song again. “Do you know what this song is about?”