After arguments with Jenn, her persuasions and threats, Michael agreed to volunteer in our hospital for some time. Jenn quickly arranged everything. Michael was given a clearance, an ID, a schedule, and a list of duties. He had to help out in the cafeteria two days a week and one day in the library. Basically, not much, but some sort of occupation. Better than nothing.

So, Michael worked as a volunteer, wandered the hospital corridors, and came by Jenn’s office at the same time when I had supervisions with Jenn.

He was a tall guy, around twenty, with thick black hair parted in the middle. The feminine softness of his facial features were clearly inherited from his mother. The stare of his dark eyes gave away a certain arrogance, narcissism. But maybe this narcissistic façade hid an insecure child with an inferiority complex?

He was very uninhibited with Jenn; a smirk never left his face even during the minutes when she reprimanded him in front of me that people are already complaining about him from the Volunteer Department.

After yet another blowup, Michael usually asked her for money for a new computer game or to fix his car. Jenn, sniffling menacingly and looking offended, took out the wallet from her bag.

Once after Michael left us, having received money from his mom, Jenn started to defend herself to me.

“I know that this is not right; I understand that I spoil him too much. A normal mother should not behave this way. Everyone tells me about this: my sister, daughter, and ex-husband. But no one understands that Michael is a problem child. He has trouble finding himself and is incapable of committing to anything.”

“Was he really never captivated by anything?”

“No, never, except that…he used to like to play the drums. He attended a music studio for a few years, but then quit that. He doesn’t want anything but is suffering because of this himself. Recently I was cleaning in his room, and found a notepad with his poems. Do you know what these poems are about? I don’t even want to tell you…Okay, Adam, let’s discuss your patients, since now we are dealing too much with my ‘yiddishe momme’ problems, and it’s not right. How is everything with your Francis? Was he released from the psych ward?”