Frowning, I lay the second spoon at exactly the same distance from the dish as the first.

“Ok, do you want to know the truth? I just decided to try with you. To satisfy my woman’s curiosity. I wanted to experience certain emotions. You won’t understand this.”

“How was it? Were you satisfied?”

Without responding, she went to the hallway where her shoes were. Without bending down, using her toe, she fixed the back of the leather shoe, which was tucked under. Then she took out her cell from her bag.

“I want to call a cab. What is your address?”

I gave her my home address.

“You’re not even offering to take me home!” She said resentfully.

“I’m not your personal driver. And it’s about time that you got behind the damn wheel yourself and started driving.”

“You’re not my husband to order what I need to do and what I fucking don’t.”

She called for a taxi, asking the dispatcher how long she will need to wait and complaining about it taking so long.

“Stay. We’re good together, even if I am not your husband.”

“Adam, dear. Yes, I am also fond of you. Is that what you want to hear? I even broke up with Mark, for your information, and now regret it. Lately I started acting terribly foolish. And all because of you. Do you understand? We are very different and I don’t need this at all. Don’t.” Turning, she took the lock handle to turn it and open the door.

In three long determined steps I approached her, took her into my arms, and carried her to the couch. Jenn jerked her legs and hit me in the chest.

“You’re a psycho, psycho, psy…”