Contrary to her prediction, I did not get sick, preventing a serious cold and bronchitis with a tried and tested medicine—a couple good glasses of “Absolut.”



Not much had changed in my relationship with Jenn since that day. True, she never asked me to drive her anywhere again—neither to the atelier nor to the supermarket. She managed it herself.

But I remembered well how her eyes shone when we were on the piers. I knew that this special shine emanated from the most hidden corner of a woman’s heart and portends that this heart will now be conquered.

That is why I was not surprised that since then the respected fucking “ear, nose, and throat Doctor Baron” entered Jenn’s office very, very rarely and no longer disturbed us during our supervisions.


Chapter 11

Alas, my joy of being alone with Jenn did not last long. In her office soon appeared… Michael.

Michael was Jenn`s son. Of course, he triggered different emotions in me as opposed to Doctor Baron. The latter was my sworn rival, and Michael rather aroused sympathy.

If he didn’t occupy the “shrink” couch in Jenn’s office, on which I recently got used to cherishing certain sweet dreams, I would not have minded. In other words, Michael ousted me from that couch and I was forced to now sit on the chair while he played electronic games on his iPhone in a half-reclined position.

The story of his appearance in the hospital is the following: Michael had left college recently—I don’t know whether he flunked out or took an academic leave of absence. Most likely he was expelled. He did not want to work at all.