Right now in front of me sat a little girl from a Jewish orthodox family, who once dreamt of dance and fame, and for this dream rebelled against all her relatives and centuries-old traditions.

“Everything you`re saying is very interesting and a little sad,” I said.

Her eyes shone gratefully. Unexpectedly, pushing off of her feet, she rolled the chair to the side in a way that she became fully visible to me.

“The most serious trauma was here.” She put one foot over the other, bent down, and touched the right ankle with her fingers, right at the strap of her high cork wedge platform shoe.

By the way, I really did not like those shoes of hers. In my opinion, cork wedge platforms take away the slimness of the woman’s leg and making it appear thicker.

“Here my whole bone was shattered.” She caressed her leg from the shoe strap to the knee, which the hem of her dress barely concealed. “There were so many stitches that we both don’t have enough fingers to count them…Mister Adam! Hell-oo!”

I was staring at her outstanding legs with distinctly outlined calves, having difficulty stopping myself from the temptation to caress them.

“I hope I satisfied your curiosity?” Jenn rolled the chair back to the table, not awaiting the outcome of this struggle. “Now, Adam, you know the most important things about me.”



After a few days I was on my way to the supervisor’s office with a file in hand. I carried copies of professional journal articles and process recordings. Enclosed between them was a white sheet of paper on which…

“Is this me? Wow!” She was holding my drawing in her hands. “This is a real artistic

sketch! Thank you, dear Adam. I have a folder where I keep letters of gratitude and cards from my interns. I will place this drawing there at the very top.”

“I am flattered.”